Commercial Allergy/FPIES friendly foods

Since our resources here are extremely limited in certain areas, we have not tried most of these foods simply because we can't get them. All the same, as I come across different things online or hear by word of mouth, I will post them here and hopefully you will be able to hunt them down if you have access in your area. Let me know if you get to try anything how it tastes!

These sound really "cool" (hahaha) and if you go to their link for nutritional info, at the bottom of the page there is an actual natural toxins report, telling you what it is "free" of (egg, soy, dairy, and more!)

Bob's Red Mill has many many options for allergy-free baking, depending on what you are trying to avoid! I personally LOVE them because of their products but also because they ship to me overseas AND it arrives within a week!!! Hooray for Bob's Red Mill!

Dairy-Free “White Chocolate” Chips
So excited to have found these! I am seriously considering ordering them. Dairy and soy free, unless soy lecithin causes problems for you or your LO. This is also an awesome site for other foods as well!

Just Tomatoes, Etc.! Company
Awesome product! I found this brand at Whole Foods but they also have a very user friendly website from which you can order their products. Great for anyone looking for single ingredient finger foods for little ones or just for healthy snacking as an adult! My husband and I (as well as B!) all think that the "Just Gone Bananas" are fabulously delicious! They also have organic versions of some of their products as well.

A great tip from the facebook FPIES group led me to this site:
AMAZING products! Though I have not yet tasted anything (I will be ordering soon, however!) I am extremely impressed with the amount of allergen free goodies! The mixes do have rice products in them (blah) but there are a couple of chocolate products that are dairy and soy and nut and gluten free!!!!!! (and potato and corn free on some products as well! WOW!)