Monday, December 10, 2012

An Unlikely Adventure, A Worthy Cause: I Choose B

Let me start by saying, I love the idea of homeschooling. I think it is a great choice for a lot of kids. I have some amazing friends who homeschool and I admire them greatly! That said, I never thought I would be homeschooling any of my children.

I prepared for it, since B was born. I always wanted to be aware of my options and thought that homeschooling resources could be called on to supplement education as well as serve as the main source of education if the situation necessitated this (poor school system, moving around a lot, variable needs of my children). Now, as I am getting ready to dive head first very soon, I am still a bit surprised to have arrived here.

We have great schools in our area, and a large diversity in options. But after a brief start and a hasty finish this fall, we have come to the conclusion that B's needs right now are calling for a different path, a different setting. Homeschooling seems to be a wonderful step for my girl and it allows us to take reactions and other medical setbacks a bit more in stride with the help of an adaptable schedule. She is up and down quite a bit with symptoms and earlier this fall, had a lot of days when she was complaining of being in pain constantly. Nights of poor sleep and a variety of skin and GI symptoms brought me to the conclusion that we need to work with B a bit more, rather than try to get her to push through her pain to conform to a school setting right now. To some of you, it may sound a bit extreme, but to be honest, I felt like I had to choose between our initial intentions and between B's reality. And I choose B.

To help us on our journey, I have entered this amazing giveaway at a fabulous site, "Living Montessori Now":

I hope we can win some of the great prizes to help with our home classroom! Whether we do or not, please keep posted for an upcoming post here about our schooling adventures and the variety of Montessori inspired workboxes and activities that we have integrated into our daily life. We are keeping it sensory with sensitivities in mind! See you soon!