Friday, March 9, 2012

Elimination Diet on the Horizon and Multipurpose Fudge in my Fridge

So if you have been following along, I am on the cusp of the beginning to my elimination diet. It will be easy-ish to start--- just all forms of rice, dairy and soy (including oil and lecithin). My hat is off to all of you mamas eliminating far far more! We are also celebrating B's third birthday this weekend. I currently have several pans of  our favorite chocolate cake in the oven-- it will be transformed into a 3D frog in the AM. Yes, I am just that crazy. But yes, my love for my daughter is equally as large as my degree of crazy.

That said, we did have a prelim birthday celebration last weekend when my parents were in town. Easy peasy, I thought, I'll make a circle cake and cut it out like a lily pad, placing homemade chocolate frogs on top (frogs are all the rage around our house). Yum right?! Well, my mom and I love to talk and I wasn't paying attention when making the chocolate frogs and the chocolate didn't solidify like it should have. . .  I didn't add enough chips and accidentally altered the other ingredients. However, something very beautiful came out of the ordeal (as we sometimes are lucky enough to find with allergy friendly cooking)---- ganache and fudge. Two things that I hold very dear to my heart.

In fact, it had been several years since I made a ganache (at that time, it was deliberate--- trying to impress my now husband with a homemade valentine's dinner) and this was quite the surprise. When I made the chocolate, I made a huge batch and ran out of candy molds and silicone cupcake molds to pour the chocolate into, so being the cheapskate that I am (allergy friendly ingredients are WAY to expensive to simply wash down the drain), I spread the remaining chocolate over top of the chocolate cake I had make B. When it was time for the chocolate frogs to come out of the freezer, I was disappointed to find them not hard but rather the consistency of firm fudge-- not very conducive to getting them out of the molds easily! I was quite annoyed with myself but then the cake was served (I frosted over top of the chocolate with green pseudo buttercream frosting). And then I cut into it. And it was ridiculously good! So good, that I in fact plan on replicating my mistake. When I removed the chocolate from the silicone molds, I realized I had produced heart shaped fudge (with coconut centers--- I never do anything plain around here!). So the mistake turned into a purely delicious and very easy recipe, that after my long winded story, I will now pass along to you and your small ones that harbor a sweet tooth or two. This recipe can be used as a ganache or fudge--- if you spread it over top of a cake, it makes the frosting process much easier, as it provides a smooth firm surface to frost on top of.

Fancy Big Girl Ganache/Fudge
2 Bags Enjoy Life Chocolate chips (20oz total)
1/2 cup coconut milk (or other safe milk)
1/4 cup spectrum palm oil shortening (or safe butter or coconut manna)
1 Tbsp vanilla (optional-- you could also experiment with other extracts for fun)

On medium to medium low heat, melt chocolate and shortening while constantly stirring. Once smooth, add in the milk. When consistency has thinned out to be easily poured, add vanilla and turn off heat. Finish mixing in the vanilla.

For fudge, pour into prepared pan/silicone molds. If using metal or glass pans, you will want to grease them first with shortening or oil. If using silicone molds, there is no need to grease. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours or for best results, overnight. You can have a little bit of fun by layering fillings in between the chocolate, like coconut or any safe nuts/seeds/dried fruits that your child/yourself enjoy. All you need to do is fill the pan/mold halfway with chocolate, add the filling, and then pour additional chocolate on top to cover.

For ganache, pour the chocolate overtop of the prepared cake prior to frosting. Spread evenly with a knife while still hot. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours. Frost when solid or serve as is, perhaps with a little bit of whipped cream.

I never said my elimination diet recipes would all be healthy. I hope you and yours enjoy these delights and please stay tuned for pictures of B's frog cake--- coming soon!


  1. Hey there!

    In my research on introduction of foods/recipes/safe foods etc. I am often finding muskeg guided to your blog. You have a lot of knowledge and experience that can help all of us other moms. My 2 main questions right now are:

    1. Do you consider corn free alcohol free vanilla extract a freebie?

    2. What do you use for food coloring?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!


  2. This is just my mama opinion, but sadly, I don't think there are any freebies. (Rats, I know!). Technically a child can have an FPIES reaction and/or allergic reaction to any food/substance. I can however tell you what we did and maybe it will give you ideas of what to do for your LO.

    For vanilla, we put a dab of it between her shoulder blades where she couldn't reach it (apply onesie!), checked on it periodically (5 minutes,then 15, then an hour, and so on). Once we made it through a day, then we did an oral trial for a few days (in cookies because really, a trial should be tasty).

    So this isn't a protocol or anything, and you have to go with your LO's cues and what is his/her norm, but an idea maybe to get you guys started.

    As for food coloring, we did use good old standard food coloring (McCormick) to start. But of course there are other options--- beets make GREAT food coloring sources, as do strawberries, and several others. Here might be some good links for "natural based coloring": Just remember that some natural dyes (based on the sources) MAY affect flavor.

    I really hope this helps! Sorry to be so long winded!

  3. For an easy way to preserve your sanity while making fudge, line the pan you plan to use with saran wrap or press and seal (sticky side down). Once your fudge is poured in and allowed to set up in the freezer, remove the saran wrap/perss and seal with the firm fudge in it from the pan and turn upside down on a cutting board. Remove wrap, then cut and serve!