Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby B

My Baby B. . . . she is all spirit and personality! She just had her first birthday and she is ready to take on the world as a "toddler!" (Or is she a waddler? I have no idea. . . ) She loves everything to do with animals-- her first word other than Mama and Dadddy was "duck"-- and is crazy about books, trucks and people watching. She loves music and will "sing" along to many songs-- specifically "Octopus's Garden!" Baby B also enjoys "reading" us books, which we definitely appreciate! She does not sleep much and never really has (we think she is too afraid to miss anything that is going on!), although we now have her taking a 1-2 hour nap almost every day!!!! VERY exciting! She is not yet walking by herself, but can walk behind something she pushes or by holding onto our hands. She says some words-- favorites are animal sounds!-- and she signs some words. I sling her often and still breastfeed her 8-10 times a day (this is mainly because of her FPIES, but I must say, I love breastfeeding!). We co-slept until she was 6 months and I think this helped a lot with her attachment and definitely helped when she was a VERY colicky infant. In a nutshell, that is Baby Girl! And, of course, she has FPIES. . .

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