Friday, January 7, 2011

And then there was Neocate. . . flying off of the high chair. . .

Ahh, elemental formula. We have been so blessed to have gone so long avoiding it--- hooray for breastfeeding with a very doable elimination diet! But this week, here we are-- trialling Neocate Jr with Prebiotics. Rational? No, I am not weaning her. :) Everyone keeps asking or assuming!!!! We are not using it to even replace a feeding-- just wanted to intro the formula now, in case something were to happen to my milk supply. I would hate for the transition to be forced and sudden, if something were to happen.

Well, my little gourmand is not impressed. The first few days were ok. Two ounces, slightly more diluted than the recommendations, and served in a special purple sippy. (We are all about purple around here). The first day, I ended up having to syringe the entire 2 oz for her. She wouldn't open her mouth even when I held the sippy to her lips. SOme gagging, nothing major. Lots of "Why are you doing this to me?!" faces. Hehe. Day two, she did drink a little from the sippy when I held it to her mouth, just not by herself. Syringed a little over an ounce. Gagging, faces. Day three, one ounce with sippy "assistance" (still won't hold the sippy herself, despite the fact she has been successful with a sippy since five months old!) and one ounce with the syringe. Again, gagging and faces. Day four, became agitated when given the formula, was a little bit more of a struggle, but she accepted the same amount as day three. gagging, etc. Today was a struggle. I did find a way to get the whole two ounces in her, but the sippy took flight a few times and was quite familiar with the floor by the end of the meal.

No really weird symptoms, but I wasn't anticipating any. It did cause her to have the most normal looking poo of her little life so far-- which I found funny, since I kept getting warnings of weird poo. I am not expecting to NOT see any, but so far so good. It did seem to "slow her down" if you will in the lower GI, which I think is part of the reason for her increasing refusal of it (I think it upset her tummy-- yesterday she was straining with no poopy diapers and then today she had several huge ones). But hopefully in time, she will adjust. We did up her pear amount and I started giving her pear juice in the AM, which she actually drank!!!!!

The verdict? We have to stick with the Neocate for our back up. I am confident that she is ok with it-- no reaction obviously-- but getting her to take it and working up to a full serving is going to take a while I think. I am going to trial the splash with her and see how that goes. I am hoping the novelty of the drink box (haven't found any other safe ones so this will be her first!) and the flavoring with help. If it goes better, then we will request the Rx for the Splash rather than the formula powder.

No decrease in nursings and no decrease in solids. Sunday, we move on to beets! They have been pureed, frozen and waiting in the freezer for almost a month!!! I mixed golden and red beets so the flavor will be interesting I am sure! Wish us luck! Happy trialling to all of you!

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