Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peanut Butter Woes and Wants

Today we are taking another day off from our peanut butter trial, in hopes that alternating days might help. No blow outs today, no clumpy black flecks in the diapers (they look like B ate sand from the beach in Zushi!!!), no reflux and a much happier girl (other than the tantrum she threw today in Joanns because she wanted to look at the "patter-ens." Crazy girl. . . ).

So we are waiting to hear back from the allergist for ideas about these mystery diaper invaders and trying to gear up for another peanut butter day tomorrow.

I hate to push it too hard but we kind of need this food. With no passes in the animal protein dept (other than fish-- hooray for fish!!!) and since we can't feed her fish everyday, we need some serious protein coming our way. The Neocate is kind of a bomb at this point-- she is hardly taking more than a sip a day. I even caught her "fake drinking!!!" Sigh. But happily, her rash looks much much better today (crazy diapers=crazy rash. She cried so hard during her bath!!! Poor girl). That is what happened the last day we took off of peanut butter-- everything resolved. We just need to figure out how much to push or if we are going to continue to push at all. . .

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