Friday, July 23, 2010

Five days in, who will win? Place your wager!

Five days into our spinach trial and well, it is a mixed result. Increased hiccuping (our big reflux sign. She cries with them and they seem to hurt!), evidence that the spinach is going straight through her (which I am hoping is normal. Anyone?), more restless nights (which could be attributed to our moving, in all fairness), and some questionable diapers.
Nothing major so far, but enough to make me a little more watchful. I really would like a pass! I thought waiting so long since our last trial and her age (16 1/2 months!!!) would help us stand a better chance of passing. Please cross all of your fingers for us-- even though we are ready for our 8-10 appointment, I would really like to be able to report a new safe food rather than a new fail to the new doctor!


  1. increased hiccuping? My DS had that two or three days in a row last week and I didn't even think to associate it with food. I hope we haven't been too brave. :/

  2. I think it depends on the kid. For B, hiccups have always been a big reflux symptom for her. When they start to sound "painful," it usually means something is brewing. But since things like teething increase her reflux, it could be things other than food.