Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More baking fun!

Ok, so still in the hotel-- bleh!!!--- but my loving husband bought me a sweet toaster oven and now I can bake again!!!! The microwave was a short lived experiment. However, it did bake the muffins. And now I will tell you how!
First, I bought dishwasher safe stoneware from the Stop and Shop (the little ramekin size). Then I mixed up the Merry Muffins and spooned enough muffin mix into each (greased with canola) ramekin to fill it 3/4 full. I microwaved it at a casserole setting for 3 minutes initially. This turned out badly. If I had enemies, the muffins could have been excellent amo. However, not wanting to harm anyone, this batch went in the trash. I tried the casserole setting again for roughly two minutes, checked the muffin with a fork (which came out clean!), and it was done! The taste was relatively the same and they stayed moist even after stored in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag. The downside-- you have to cook one ramekin muffin AT A TIME. Not very realistic for the mama of a toddler.
The toaster oven is fabulous. I have my silicone baking cups (heart shaped!!!) and I can fit twelve on the little baking sheet. It also can bake a 12" pizza, if B were actually able to eat one. It is a black and decker brand and I found it at Target, one of my fav stores. SO happy to be back in the states for my Target!!!

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