Friday, July 30, 2010

Corn Pasta Recall!!!!

Just a quick note: there has been a corn pasta recall for one of the brands B's eats. Apparently, some pasta from the alphabet wheat pasta accidentally got into the tubettini corn pasta boxes in a certain lot. More info here:

By the way, we absolutely HEART this pasta-- mostly because I don't have to run it through the baby food grinder in order to get B to eat it! Ahhh, the texture battle!!! I hope the recall is resolved very quickly!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Five days in, who will win? Place your wager!

Five days into our spinach trial and well, it is a mixed result. Increased hiccuping (our big reflux sign. She cries with them and they seem to hurt!), evidence that the spinach is going straight through her (which I am hoping is normal. Anyone?), more restless nights (which could be attributed to our moving, in all fairness), and some questionable diapers.
Nothing major so far, but enough to make me a little more watchful. I really would like a pass! I thought waiting so long since our last trial and her age (16 1/2 months!!!) would help us stand a better chance of passing. Please cross all of your fingers for us-- even though we are ready for our 8-10 appointment, I would really like to be able to report a new safe food rather than a new fail to the new doctor!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A side note. . .

I am currently opposed to straight corn flour. Masa is so much tastier!!!! After using it in all of her recipes, I have deduced that we are happily returning to Masa full time and I am using the remaining straight corn flour for playdoh. Also, Masa is a lot more flour-y in texture. So everyone out there--- use Masa! Not regular corn flour!!!

More baking fun!

Ok, so still in the hotel-- bleh!!!--- but my loving husband bought me a sweet toaster oven and now I can bake again!!!! The microwave was a short lived experiment. However, it did bake the muffins. And now I will tell you how!
First, I bought dishwasher safe stoneware from the Stop and Shop (the little ramekin size). Then I mixed up the Merry Muffins and spooned enough muffin mix into each (greased with canola) ramekin to fill it 3/4 full. I microwaved it at a casserole setting for 3 minutes initially. This turned out badly. If I had enemies, the muffins could have been excellent amo. However, not wanting to harm anyone, this batch went in the trash. I tried the casserole setting again for roughly two minutes, checked the muffin with a fork (which came out clean!), and it was done! The taste was relatively the same and they stayed moist even after stored in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag. The downside-- you have to cook one ramekin muffin AT A TIME. Not very realistic for the mama of a toddler.
The toaster oven is fabulous. I have my silicone baking cups (heart shaped!!!) and I can fit twelve on the little baking sheet. It also can bake a 12" pizza, if B were actually able to eat one. It is a black and decker brand and I found it at Target, one of my fav stores. SO happy to be back in the states for my Target!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

FPIES Microwave Cooking

Since my B cannot apparently live without muffins, (she keeps signing "muffin" and exclaiming "muf-FAN!!!! PEEEAAASE!!!!!") I am embarking on microwave baking experiments. (No oven in our hotel). Wish me luck! I will report the results here. . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bear with us. . .

Ok, everyone! We are still in the middle of our move but new recipes should be coming soon, as we will be moving into temporary housing while we look for a house when my husband starts work. We will be in MA in a couple of days, and I am bringing my cooking stash along and I am ITCHING for a new food trial (crazy I know.) So after a few days of getting settled in, we will try spinach and I will be hitting Whole Foods for some (hopefully!) new ingredients (made from safe foods of course!) I am excited to get back in the kitchen and am hopeful to have a kitchen of our very own before too long! Stick with us and let me know if you have any foods for cooking (not necessarily B's food trials, of course!) that you would like me to try out and see f I can concoct anything for anyone's little ones!
I hope everyone is having a great summer! We have had some troubles with allergic reactions to sunscreen but now it appears we are doing well with California Baby, which my husband and I refer to as liquid gold, as it is so darn expensive. But it doesn't cause any horrible, burn-like skin rashes, so it is worth it! We will also report in August about the appointment at Children's Hospital of Boston. We are all very excited for that one!
More to post later this week!