And in all of my free time. . .

So there really isn't much free time between being a military wife overseas, raising a very spirited one year old, and trying to normalize our FPIES situation (at least in the food area!), but I still try and squeak out some time here and there for my own relaxation. I am a board-certified Music Therapist (credentials are still good, but not currently practicing due to my location and due to raising my small wild child full-time) so I try to set aside time to keep up my piano and guitar skills, as well as my percussion skills (for this area, my daughter is a huge help. At one, she is quite the drummer :) and in all seriousness, her mallet skills with the xylophone are pretty sweet!). My main activity, however, during "free time," is sewing, mostly for my daughter. I will try and post some pictures of my latest creations. If she can't have a varied diet, at least she can have a varied closet!

B's baptism gown-- made from same material and lace as my wedding dress! I used a pattern for this one, though, with only a few minor alterations!

The above two photos were taken by my super talented photographer friend!
Below, check out B's winter hat! We are at an archery festival on Zushi beach in this pic.

The ice baby cometh! B's 2009 Halloween costume-- I felt her personality just screamed "viking!" And well, a lot of the time, she screamed. . . :)

And before B, there was the wedding! (almost exactly a year before B was born!) This is the dress I designed and made! A dress for one of THE best days of my life!!! See the same materials as the baptism gown?

And some recent ones. . . first is just an out and about shot. I made the entire outfit (Except the socks, shoes and hair bow. Hooray Gymboree!). The jeans are just a simple pants pattern, the jacket is a 50s vintage baby pattern and the shirt (that you can't see) is her "hippie shirt" with tie backs.

This last one is an outfit I just made for a friend's baby shower gift. I thought puppies would always be a fun choice and I got to use my favorite notion-- Japanese snap tape! I am stocking up before we move!!!!!

New Fabric!!!!
 B's fancy winter dressy coat. . .made this from a $2 remnant!


  1. You MADE your wedding dress? I'm in awe, you are so talented! I want to see the bodice!

  2. I will try and find a better picture that shows it off a little more. It was my craziest yet most enjoyable undertaking thus far (sewing-wise at least. Baby B has been the craziest and most enjoyable "undertaking" overall!!!!)

  3. Wow-you are super talented!! I love the red coat-wish you lived near so you could teach me how to sew-I'm just learning and I couldn't read a pttern if I tried!!

  4. Aww thanks! You will be surprised how quickly you can pick it up though-- just remember, it is all lines. My biggest shortcoming is my dislike of reading directions. . ;)