Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby B's 14: A Salute to Global FPIES Day

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Once more the days and months get away from me! Our household is rather chaotic with our two and five year old residents keeping us on our toes! Can you believe that Baby B is 5 1/2 years old? My goodness, what happened? And Little C is approaching 2 1/2 years old. . . these girls are growing up!
Raising Awareness at the Doctor's Office for Global FPIES Day!

Despite their ages, we still are very much in the throes of food trials and reactions and the lovely grey area that so many of you know all too well. It is very daunting and overwhelming, but I feel a great deal of comfort in the larger amount of awareness that FPIES is getting these days. Hopefully, the awareness will turn to more education, the education to earlier diagnosis and new treatment options, and all of it will hopefully spur more novel research in the process. But I digress. . .

Today, as you are likely now aware, is Global FPIES Day (October 14th)! In fact it is the very first Global FPIES Day (thanks to The FPIES Foundation for sponsoring the day!) and it is really incredible to think that the day has finally arrived and to consider all of the work that has led to this moment. All of the families, all of the stories, all of the victories and all of the heartaches. Since October 14th is the official day, the FPIES Foundation (see!) has invited the entire community, its supporters and its partners to "Find Your Fourteen!"--- to honor the day in fourteen distinct ways. Because this blog is a cooking resource and because I am currently watching my oven timer count down the minutes until chocolate chip muffins become a delicious reality in my house, I have decided to share fourteen recipes that have been life altering for our family-- B and C alike, as well as this chocolate-loving elimination diet nursing mama!

1. Merry Muffins These gave us a bday cake and a snack food. These opened up the doors to the world of allergy baking for me!
2. Arrowroot Cookies/Biscuits: The first recipe to appear on this blog and B's first encounter with a cookie!
3. 5 Ingredient Protein Power Granola Bars: The recipe that got me through many many long nights of my elimination diet with C
4. B's Sunny Bunny Banana Muffins Even though she can't eat these any more since she lost banana, this recipe is one of the blog's most versatile ones, as it can be slightly modified to make cupcakes, muffins and cookies. I love versatility!
5. Baby B's Coconut Crisps or Puffs This is a single food recipe (only uses coconut ingredients) but tastes like it has far more depth than the ingredient list suggests. This is the first cracker that B really enjoyed.
6. Squasher-tots: A recipe for C, one of her first in fact, that took her past purees and into something delicious and attractive. Posting to this blog this week!
7. Happy Heart Pancakes: The first pancake recipe that was not a flop! It took a long time to figure one out, but this is a keeper!
8. Fish Sticks: Again, B has since lost the ability to tolerate fish, but when she tolerated it, this was a great recipe for toddler "normalcy" and for practicality purposes, since I could freeze them in advance
9. C's Crazy Pancakes: Also posting to this blog this week, this is the recipe I have developed for C's pancakes. Siblings are different in many ways, and for my girls, their safe food lists definitely are unique to each!
10. Fancy Big Girl Ganache or Fudge: It is delicious. How could I NOT include this one?!
11. Sunflower Seed Butter Frosting: (scroll to the bottom of the post for this recipe) The first recipe that B actually snuck little bites of when I wasn't looking.  I cried when I saw this!
12. Happy Birthday Mama Safe Cake: A great way to incorporate beets into a delicious chocolate dessert. Among my allergy-free family members, this is the most requested cake!
13. B's Best Brownies: The secret to this recipe? If you make homemade whipped cream (with canned coconut milk and powdered sugar) and use this for half of your milk required in the recipe, these brownies are incredible.
14. Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies: Because, you guessed it, everyone deserves a cookie. And in Baby B's FPIES Test Kitchen, we take our chocolate VERY seriously. . . ;)

Even though Global FPIES Day has now come to an end for this year, the momentum does not have to stop. Please join myself, N, Baby/Big Girl B, and Little C in raising FPIES awareness and providing support to other affected families throughout the year. Be the voice!