Friday, April 9, 2010

Mulling Masa

So I have been asked a lot lately about us using Masa, how it works out and where to get it. To start, Masa is a type of corn flour made with corn treated with lime water and then specially ground (B has failed many foods and has no problem with the lime element. You can't taste it so I think it must not be very much at all. It is not actually added to the product, simply the product is treated in it). It is powdery like "normal" flour but denser, and it is a yellowish color. Quaker makes the stuff we buy and it can be found in the baking aisle at your grocery store, sometimes labeled "Masa-- Corn Tortilla mix." You can substitute out Masa for regular flour cup for cup (1c masa = 1 c all-purpose or wheat flour). The taste will be slightly different and it won't rise the same, since it is gluten free. It is commonly used in making tortillas and some tamales. If you can't find it at the regular grocery, check out any Hispanic grocers. They will most likely have it there. Simply ask for Masa. You can use it in place of corn meal in many recipes and it will create a nicer texture and be less gritty (B had troubles with corn meal so we stick to Masa).


  1. when you say 'She has trouble with corn meal'.. you mean ?

  2. We actually recently discovered the answer to that question! Cornmeal was passing through her system whole, no matter how I prepared it. And it left a nasty nasty diaper rash with raw skin. Well, I recently realized (after trying the cornmeal gnocchi and not seeing yellow, gritty diapers later on) that when we had tried cornmeal, it had been in the weeks following severe reactions when she was not absorbing much if any of her food.
    So since she had been free of a severe reaction (we have only had two "minor" reactions recently) since the beginning of March, I think that is why we didn't have issues. She still isn't super crazy about it though-- I think it is some of the texture, some of the taste-- so I stick with Masa for most things.