Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grrrr, Zucchini

Within 24 hours of ending out carrot trial, all returned to normal, even though we were cutting two new teeth! no reflux symptoms, no strange diapers, etc. Well, the teeth having poked through, our zucchini trial began yesterday. At this point on day two, I am unsure if we will continue. We are only giving B 1/4 oz and only at her AM feeding, around 7 or 8am. This amounts to slightly less than about two small baby spoonfuls, so a pretty tiny amount. Day 1 had a nasty mucousy, greenish black, very loose stool (sorry if TMI but if you are an FPIES parent, you understand!!!) almost exactly 6 hours after the feeding and today we had two more like this, slightly more acidic, exactly 2 and 4 hours following ingestion, respectively. Also, lots of "shriek-y" screaming that subsided once the second diaper passed. Still want to ask DH what he thinks--- won't be home again until tomorrow night--- but at this point, it doesn't look good for our future with zucchini. I might try again tomorrow AM, but really, I don't want to put B through more than she has to go through. Her severe reactions are typically delayed (do not occur with first ingestion-- take between 10 and 15 days worth of ingestion to cause the crazy vomiting/ lethargy/ etc) so if I see any potential signs of a reaction brewing, I watch very closely and if I see a pattern of worsening symptoms, I simply pull the food. I am so disappointed in this though. I really thought B would be one of those kids that would start passing more foods once she hit that one year mark. We still have only 4 safe foods (pears, bananas, corn flour/meal, and arrowroot starch) and if zucchini is a fail, we will have failed seven foods. Next on the list, maybe quinoa. . .

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