Monday, April 26, 2010

New Recipe!

Ok, FPIES folks! After very little work (I am happy to say!), B and I concocted a new recipe for flatbread. You can find it in the "recipes that have passed!" section all the way at the bottom. It is egg free, dairy free, soy free, peanut and tree nut free, gluten free, rice free, but not free of flavor!!!!!!! Corn ingredients are the main staple here, though, so if you are avoiding corn, this is not a good one for you! :( HOWEVER, I am trying the same "idea" of this recipe with quinoa flour and no corn ingredients tomorrow AM, so if it goes well, I will post that too.
This bread could be used as a pastry shell, pseudo pizza crust, a bread with toppings, or simply stand alone. (That's how I served it to B!) It is super easy, so please, check it out!!!!

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