Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Et tu, veggies? The Sequel!

So we are on day two of no carrots, and lo and behold, no nasty hiccup episodes (as to the 4-5 episodes that were occurring daily when we were giving her the carrots) and diapers have resumed their normal state (though they weren't super abnormal this time). Because of this, my husband and I are abandoning our orange friends (or anti-friend in this case). I still have a tiny shred of uncertainty that maybe she is just still adjusting to the carrots but I think it is simply because I really really REALLY wanted to break our food fail cycle and start passing something. :( But again, this is the second time we have tried carrots (Gerber first time, homemade was this time) and she was exhibiting virtually the same symptoms that she did leading up to her severe reactions to sweet potatoes and avocados. And 7 days of worsening symptoms is enough for me! Our goal is to have no more ER visits, at least until we are back in the states!!!!! B is taking a break from anything new until Sunday or Monday, when we are going to start zucchini. Hopefully, zucchini will be kinder. The lime colored zucchini cubes in my freezer really look so pretty. . . . I hope they are nice to eat as much as they are nice to look at!!!
And on the upside, we have been exploring Japan some more, since my parents have been here on a visit. We re-visited the Great Buddha (Daibutsu), which I hadn't visited since late in my pregnancy, and checked out some more sites in Kamakura. B discovered that gravel makes a lovely sound when you scuff your feet in it, so that was the most impressive part of her day! Enjoy the pictures and wish us zucchini luck!

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