Monday, April 19, 2010

Quinoa trial!!!!!

We are on day three (day two is a day of "rest") of quinoa and so far so good! We are already ahead of where we were at this point with zucchini and carrots both, so I am cautiously excited! I am preparing the quinoa like a homemade infant cereal (pulverize the quinoa in the blender until it becomes a powder, add to boiling water in a 1 to 4 ratio-- 1/4 cup quinoa with 1 cup boiling water-- and let it thicken to the desired consistency) and then mixing it with her pears, making a new food: pearnoa! Haha. Similar in strangeness to her typical main course at dinner: Banasta! Sounds like it should include jazz hands and a Broadway stagebill right? Haha. My husband came up with the name and it has stuck! Oh, and if you are wondering, Banasta is just cooked and pureed bananas mixed with (cooked!) corn pasta that went through the baby food mill (so now the pasta shells look like little spaghetti noodles!) If quinoa is a pass, there are many ways we can eat it. You can buy quinoa pasta (or make your own!) and you can make a variety of baked goods with quinoa flour (I found mine at Bob's Red Mill!) Also, quinoa is packed with protein and fiber, thereby making it truly the "mother grain," as its name means! Wish us luck!!!!

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  1. I l-o-v-e quinoa! I make it as a pilaf side dish and even my husband eats it. I never thought of using it as a baby food, though. Thought filed away for next time! :-)