Monday, April 5, 2010

Et tu, veggies?

Well, on the up side, B is now sporting two lovely little teeth (top front two, just in time for Easter. My little bunny!!!) and adores her corn Chex! NO TEXTURE ISSUES!!! SO happy about this! (She tends to have texture issues with new foods and has trouble with food hoarding and whatnot). Also, we got our order of corn pasta from Sam's Mill brand little sea shell pasta. Only ingredients are corn flour and water. We love you, Sam's Mill!!!!

And on the not-so-up-side. For the last almost week, due to our lack of success with fruits as of late, we have been brave and have been re-trialling carrots (we tried them somewhat unsuccessfully when she was about 7 months BUT there were a lot of factors making us wonder if the problems she had were related to other issues, such as reacting to sweet potatoes, her system not being ready for carrots overall, and the fact that they were Gerber brand, what with all of the potential for cross contamination. . . enough said!). I made them homemade, fresh from the Japanese farmer's market (and those things are BIG!!!!! Check out my pics!!!) and we have been giving her about 1/4-1/2 oz daily for the last 6 or so days. No super crazy diapers, though a few recent ones have been getting a little greener in color, but nothing really out of the ordinary. She has been having a harder time resting at night--- a few nights of crying for 2 hours or more for no apparent reason--- but again, nothing markedly significant. However, there have been hiccups. I know, I know-- seems like nothing to most, but we are starting to get nervous because with B's severe reactions (which are usually delayed), hiccups always lead up to the big reaction. She also does not get hiccups (other than one episode here or there) like this normally--- several episodes a day, they seem to cause her discomfort, kind of "wet" sounding. Once she outgrew the worst of her reflux 5 or so months ago, hiccups only resurface when it is reaction time. So we are debating right now if we should stop the carrots due to hiccups or if we should stop, wait a little bit, then start again, etc etc etc. I really hate this. In one way, I want to see if we can make it work-- a part of me is hoping that maybe it is teething? or maybe she is just getting used to carrots and not having the start of a reaction? It is so subtle but it still seems like it could be a pattern, so I am not sure really what to do. Any ideas?

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  1. That's a tough one. I'm more risky than a lot of FPIES moms b/c our reactions haven't been super severe...but I would say just keep an eye on it....and keep giving her the carrots. Good luck with whatever you decide!!