Friday, January 14, 2011

On the Eve of Peanut Butter

And so we seek to, yet again, enter the world of legumes. But since we have always been booted swiftly from this lovely world, I am a little nervous about the peanut butter!!! I am in no way concerned about an IgE reaction. But an FPIES reaction. . . .well, let's just say I will be double sure to have our ER bag in order. But on the plus side, IF it is a pass. . . WOW. What a pass it will be! In my mind, it is even bigger than fish (and fish was big!) because (A) She can have it every day (B) It will be a great way for her to work on some of her texture issues (issues with creamy stuff) and (C) We will finally break into the inner circle of legumes!

I am excited despite the anxiety. As a vegetarian and a mama with a big sweet tooth, I consume quite a bit of peanut butter, especially since giving up soy in my diet because of it bothering B through my milk. I am fantasizing about peanut butter cookies, peanut butter smoothies, peanut butter sorbet, FROSTING, fudge, cake. . . . the list goes on and on! Plus, if peanut butter goes well, we will try and squeeze in a chocolate trial before Valentine's Day and she can finally taste the beauty of chocolate peanut butter!

So wish us luck and I will keep updating the blog about our trial! Also, be sure to look for posts on FPIES freezer foods. . . hoping to make a little less stress for all of us mamas cooking multiple meals at dinner time.

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  1. good luck!!! i cant wait to hear how it goes!!!