Monday, January 10, 2011

Really, FPIES? Really?!

So it probably is in no way FPIES related but I blame FPIES for all allergy related issues in this house (FPIES started it!). And this is such a completely non big deal-- more of an annoyance really. Apparently, my B might be allergic to cold. COLD?! Apparently, her ped thinks she has cold urticaria. Whenever she drinks anything cold or eats anything cold, she develops these flat, very defined red spots all over her cheeks (they look like someone dipped a pencil eraser in pink paint and dotted her face). As soon as she swallows, they appear before our eyes. But they usually go away right after a meal, she doesn't seem bothered by them at all. . . And then there was tonight. Her lower lip swelled up about halfway through dinner, not huge by any means, but noticeable. It took about an hour to go away. I will contact the allergist in the AM, just to be on the safe side. I am not concerned but I do suppose it is noteworthy at least. The only new food is beets and she has no "symptomatic" response to them, so I am sticking with the cold theory. There can't be anything in the Splash that would cause this either, so we shall see what the doc says. I suppose my B got too accustomed to the warm breezes of Zushi? :)


  1. weird. But, Guess what....I had that as a child too! Except, I did not break out in hives when eating, but I did break out in hives if I was outside in the cold too long. I remember one day in middle school going home because it was a cold, cold day, and I had hives and was itchy all over! It was miserable. Parents took me to the doctor, and sure enough, I was allergic to the cold.
    I'm over it now thank goodness since I live in UT. A very chilly place. :)

  2. Oh Wow!!!! That is wild!!! Thank goodness you did grow out of it! Hopefully B will too! At least she is in good company! :)