Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missing Korn. . . and no, I did not misspell and no, I DON'T mean Masa!

While driving to the grocery store for some much needed evening snacks for my husband and I, I got a rare moment to listen to music other than Raffi or Sandra Boynton (set to music). It was, in a word, GLORIOUS.

I am a certified Music Therapist and although I haven't practiced since we moved to Japan, I still keep up with my studies and the profession and whatnot. But in that 10 minute ride to Big Y, I realized that I have in fact neglected a passive form of the therapy I so believe in and used to practice. I have not permitted myself to listen to my own musical preferences (outside of classical) in a very VERY long time.

I like rock music-- metal, alternative and indy in particular (some classic too!), and because I don't feel B should be listening to it (*yet*), neither do I. But I miss my music. When I got home, the 10 minutes of nice hard rock to the store and back made me feel so much more energized, relaxed and refreshed.

And so tonight I appeal to all of you parents, FPIES parents and otherwise--- we need to take a break for ourselves, too! We can't forget the things that made us who we were, even though we get so caught up in the everyday life of taking care of little ones and for many of us, navigating food trials, playing pass and fail referee, and living with that constant gnawing anxiety that goes along with the worry about something new making our LOs sick, yet again.

So tonight, I will be listening to and embracing a little Korn, a little Floyd, a little of the Pumpkins, and maybe a little Metallica (and maybe some others!) so as to regroup and maintain my calm, hopefully helping me to remain a calmer and more collected mama for my baby B! Rock on, FPIES mamas (and daddies)!


  1. Great advice Amanda! and now I now what your "musicmamma" means!!!

  2. Hehehe. My secret is out-- a music therapist in hiding!!! At least until my stint as a SAHM ends. . .