Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hold your breath. . .

Day one of green beans. Our first "common trigger food" trial since squash (zucchini), and that one was a bust. Day one of green beans looked good though! She had one green bean (cut into little pieces) and really enjoyed it! Tomorrow we will do two, the next day will be three. . . and so on and so on. But I am, in a word, petrified. All common trigger foods that we have tried have been fails, and ugly ones at that. Three severe rice reactions, one severe reaction to sweet potatoes, and we pulled squash by day 3 because it was producing BLACK, gooey diapers. I didn't want to see what would happen if we continued. And of course, she reacts to soy through skin contact and in my diet, used to react to "heavy dairy" in my diet (no straight cow's milk, for instance) and failed several other "common triggers" on the patch test. But green beans were a pass with the patches and I am hoping that they are a pass orally. Our track record with common triggers is what has me scared. But we are going slowly and being super aware of any changes, and hopefully, I am worrying for no good reason!! She really needs another veggie since she can only have spinach a little here and there (gives her an AWFUL diaper rash, increased reflux and odd diapers (not really reaction ones, not really normal either). So wish us luck and hopefully green beans will be friendly every day, not just today!

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