Monday, October 4, 2010

There is a country song about this. . .

My sorghum's gone bad. Or so I think. It is supposed to be white and yet it is gray, kind of gravelly looking AND tasting. I don't think I can subject B to this. Apparently, it is possible for mold to grow in sorghum and I am wondering if that is what I have on my hands. The cupcakes are cooling now and then I will subject myself to trying them. The millet flatbread is also almost done :). I live in a multicultural cooking house and I have a fairly limited cultural background. Hehehe. But alas, our cultural staple (all hail the potato!) is on our list of things to avoid, so B delves into foods from cultures other than her own and with these, she seems to do well. I have a lot of hope for this week's trials of sorghum (after I get fresh from whole foods) and millet. B always has done well with "alternative" flours and that is what we are trialling! I will post pics and new recipes as they come and as time allows!

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