Monday, October 18, 2010

Not super concerning, but just keeping an eye on things. . .

Well, the hiccups have arrived. And the wet burps and the frequent swallowing. . . But they aren't awful. And there is a lot of gas, some of which makes her literally cry out, I am guessing, in pain. The beans are passing through whole, but they are a little tough so I am going to start cooking them down a lot more tomorrow AM. Sleep has been rough the past two nights, but not horrible (although I did just have to go in and get her again so who knows what tonight holds. . .). So some little things to watch for but not enough to end the trial or cut back. Hopefully it is all adjustment, fluke or some other such nonsense, like teething. (This kid will get more teeth eventually, I am sure of it! haha) Anyways, tomorrow's breakfast will contain FOUR green beans, so hopefully all goes well! At least she really likes them! She calls them "baby green beans" and then makes her little cutesy face.

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