Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, after hearing from the docs today, the decision was made to pull green beans. The allergist said that we might be able to come back to it eventually, but to move on for now. So no veggies in our diet for now. :( The doc recommended trying some probiotics (already have my yogurt starter, so I am going to be brave tonight and make this stuff!) and maybe increasing her reflux meds, switching her to something stronger. I am most bummed about this. I know it isn't a big deal, I know it could be so much worse, but in a way, it feels like we are back pedaling a little, and it is frustrating. It just seems like we are back to where we were-- we can never really get in a good passing streak without having a sudden fail streak. So no new foods for this week-- we will work with what we have and change it up a little by adding the yogurt and hopefully that will help out the digestion situation.

I am trying to stay positive though and this is why. A year ago, we were so lost. DH was deployed, we were living halfway around the world, we had little to no medical support and B was doing so poorly with foods, having big, severe fails. I was facing heart surgery and didn't know what was going to happen, scared because I didn't know how my baby was going to survive if something happened to me (no formula for us). But the surgery went great, B eventually passed a couple of foods before we left Japan, and now I not only have my husband HOME (outside of work, of course!) but we have SPECIALISTS and they listen to us and WORK with us and B. . . well, she is thriving, even with the recent fails. :) We have come so far and have so many more resources at our fingertips, it is something to be so thankful for. Sometimes the new information scares me and makes me think back to how sick she really got at times and that I had no idea WHAT was happening, but for the most part, I keep hoping that the worst is over and that right now, well, we are stuck in the middle. Not where I want most to be, but not the worst place to be either. And I really really hope that soon, we can start moving forward again and hopefully, move past the middle and closer to the end of all of this craziness.

I will keep you guys posted for my yogurt endeavors! Hopefully this will be the key in getting her to move past some of these fails!


  1. Sorry about the green beans. B seemed to really like them, too! You do a great job keeping the positive outlook with this disease, though! You guys have come so far. I can't wait to hear about your yogurt trial. I bought a yogurt maker before we started solids thinking I would make Jake's yogurt. Dairy is on hold for the next year for us, and my yogurt maker is still in its box. But I am ready! Crossing my fingers for B.

  2. Thanks for the support! It really means a lot!!! We aren't being too risky with the yogurt-- just coconut milk and a non dairy, non soy, non everything else, yogurt starter. :) So far, my first batch was a bust. But I am trying to make it without a yogurt maker, so perhaps this is my problem. . . :)