Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food Math

Ok, back to square one! A fresh week, a fresh start, a fresh food trial! Tomorrow, we trial sorghum flour and in another 5 days (I am brave with the pseudo-grains!) we try millet. I blame peer pressure from all of you other babies having such beautiful success with it! ;) And so once more, food math begins.

FPIES recipes tend to make my head hurt at times, like I am trying to figure out some crazy, cockamamie food equation (If I do this, then I can't do this and this chemical reaction won't occur. . .but if I try this and this and this, can I really make something appealing out of three food products and sugar? Thank God for sugar! Hahaha). And then when you see the little muffins or cookies or whatever puffing up beautifully in the oven halfway through your baking time, you think "Yay!" and then when the timer goes off, "WTF?!!!!!!!"-- your beautiful puffy little treats are like little puddles of sweet smelling mush! (Some ingredients are super sensitive to heat and have a much lower boiling point, breaking down and turning into mush. And let me tell you, it is NOT fun to clean those dishes!!!)

So as we are trialling sorghum recipes and feeding them to B, we will also be attempting the cooking of millet recipes, hopefully finding a nice variety of millet successes for B to trial the following week and for all of you little millet graduates out there to enjoy! My main goal is to come up with a sandwich bread, specifically a sandwich bread that is CORN FREE. Now as you all know, corn is our happy ingredient around here, but I know this is not so for all LOs. And I feel like all LOs need sandwich bread (as part of my quest for a "friendly" but pseudo PB&J sandwich) just as all little ones deserve a cookie. So I am up for the challenge. . .are you, sorghum? And are you, millet? They seem like worthy opponents and hopefully they will play nicely with not only the other ingredients mixed in, but also with B's belly.

And as for the beef.. . we have kind of abandoned the beef. After a couple sleepless nights and days and much screaming during those sleepless periods, we stopped the trial. 24 hrs later it was as if a storm had passed and sleep was back to B's normal. However, no crazy diapers (except for one), no reflux symptoms and no vomiting. We did have some major gas to contend with (hence the screaming. You know, the tucked up legs kind?) but I have heard that this can go along with meat. We also had some texture issues-- the lovely gagging, cheeking food, spitting it out. . . So beef is not a fail, merely a "we'll catch you later" food for now. So on to the sorghum, to the millet and then to the (deep breath) green beans. Here's to a fresh week and a fresh start!!!!

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