Monday, September 27, 2010

Beef Day 1

Day 1 of beef and after 1 tsp at 9am. . . no unusual FPIES-y symptoms. Yes, she was a little gassy but I kind of expected that with the meat. Just a handful of burps and toots though-- nothing to write home about! SHe of course had some texture issues with the beef but I read her a few books and had her sip on her sippy for a little bit and most of what she cheeked eventually went down. Much trickery had to be involved to get it IN her mouth, but we succeeded! Tomorrow I will try 1Tbsp and see how that goes. I am really hopeful but at the same time, this is a food trial that has me doubting even before we start. I hate feeling that way, but you know how it is, you get to a point where you start to actually trust some foods but there are still others that you are very very doubtful will be friendly for your LO, even if you have no actual proof of this fact. So we will keep going of course, since today went so well. Here's hoping it will be a pass and we will continue our streak! Also, B drank 10 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!! of coconut milk from her sippy with her cookie snack today. That is monumental!!!!!!!!!! She has NEVER drank more than 2oz of anything from her sippy.

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