Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the Eve of Coconut

We trial coconut in the AM and I am excited! We are starting with it in the milk form and I am sneaking it into the hemp milk that I mix in her quinoa flakes for breakfast. Wish us luck! I also got a notice that my yogurt starter has SHIPPED and will be to our home soon--- I am ready to make hemp milk yogurt and hopefully coconut milk yogurt too (the store bought has that darn rice syrup in it! argh!). There is also coconut flour-- I played with it awhile back but now it looks like it will be time to revisit it. Hopefully some new recipes will come out of this!
B's rash from her patches is still pretty awful in the soy, egg, oat, wheat and turkey areas. I keep throwing on the hydrocortisone and keep hoping they at least start to improve!

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  1. Good luck with the coconut! I heard coconut oil is great for cooking, as well. KUP about the yogurt. I plan to make our own when it comes time for Jake, too. Good luck! Heather