Wednesday, September 22, 2010

B Takes Charge!

Typically when B is eating a meal, I have at least one finger food available to her and anything that needs to be eaten with a spoon, I encourage her to "take turns" with me (instead of me feeding her every bite, she feeds herself a bite every other bite or so.) Usually I have to scoop up the food onto the spoon, but she will bring it to her mouth when it is "her turn." Well, today she apparently had a new lease on life and decided that she was going to take charge of breakfast! I gave her the spoon when we sat down-- after she asked for it!!!--- and she started going to town on her pears, scooping them up in the spoon and saying "Mmm, tastes like ice cream!" since I give her the pears slightly icy and slushy-like (My silly girl who has never had ice cream a day in her life! Hehe). She scooped up her mango chunks and used her fingers for some of them. She even scooped up some of her quinoa flake cereal (hot cereal prepared with coconut and hemp milk, dash of vanilla and a dash of brown sugar) and also declared "Yummy brown sugar!" (I tell her the fun ingredients in her foods in an enticing way in my endless attempts to get this kid to eat.) She ate an AWESOME breakfast! There was no pleading, bribing or brain-numbing tricks needed to get her to eat. She ate her breakfast! And most of it, she fed to herself! The highlight was, of course, when she was bringing a spoonful of quinoa cereal to her mouth, accidentally dropped it on her hand and then proceeded to run her fingers up her cheek and through her hair. Ahhh, nutrients via osmosis. I couldn't stop laughing-- it was such a messy image and so funny! So I had to share my victorious AM with all of you! My baby B is growing up! *a little tear*

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