Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cross Contamination Worries

Last week was a huge victory!!! A big pass-- fish! Huge!! So I thought we would take it easy this week, before launching into another big trial scheduled tentatively for a few weeks from now-- peanut butter. Millet was up for this week and I thought-- this will be easy! Day one gave us an abnormal amount of mucous in diapers but I didn't think much of it. Day two was a little worse and B became more clingy and constantly wanting to nurse. Day three presented several mucousy diapers, with one being very little else other than mucous and food chunks (sorry for the TMI!). Reflux flares followed early the next day. I am suspicious.

Upon reading the packaging, the puffs are not considered gluten free, though the company says that it washes the equipment in between processing the "lower allergen foods" and the "higher allergen foods." But the lower allergen foods include rice-- a big trigger for us. But we have had reaction symptoms with cross contamination from wheat in the past, so I can't help but question the wheat as well as the rice. I am calling the company in the AM to get the production details.

Today we tried a different brand of millet and simply as the seed-- cooked with her breakfast. At one tablespoon, we seemed to do much better than with the puffs. Diapers were a little off but not significantly so, so I say we push through at least a few more days. If none of the original symptoms occur, then I will say that contamination was likely the issue and millet will proceed to a full trial, hopefully a pass!

Wish us luck! And curses to wheat and rice!!!!


  1. So, what brand is this? I am going to call Arrowhead Mills as now I am worried about Sam's millet puffs. But then again, he doesn't have symptoms on the puffs....but then there is that darn villous atrophy. Ugh- I hate to take away his puffs!! The millet porridge (that he doesn't like) does say it is gluten free though.

  2. This is Nature's Path brand. I will post when I hear from them!!! I also hope you don't have to pull them. Maybe the cereal is processed in a not-safe-for Sam way-- you said he avoided it right?

  3. Oh and we are currently using Eden Foods and other than some minor reflux today, seems to be doing much better with the seeds than the puff disaster.