Friday, December 17, 2010

Latex, has it worsened?!

What a crazy fall/winter it has been so far!!! We are going to start a food trial of white fish Sunday, trying to push it in before Christmas. But B STILL is not better, so we may be tempting fate. The croup got really severe two weeks ago Saturday and we just went back to the doc for a follow up this afternoon and now the doc thinks she has a sinus infection. She just stopped having coughing spells on Wednesday and still has an infrequent "junky" sounding cough. So now we have antibiotics to contend with and hopefully those will help. Over the last few days I have seen another reflux flare up and a pattern of questionable diapers, but no new foods to attribute it to. I am hoping that the virus and all has just made everything in her body go haywire, but who knows?

The latex issue. We got rid of all of the latex in her wardrobe and kept the laundry soap when her rashes on her ankles to knees and on her wrists just got completely out of control about a week or more ago. There was an instant difference in the first 24 hours and by 48 hours the rash was GONE and she only had dry skin. Stopped using the hydrocortisone (Rx) and have gone back to only aquaphor in AM and PM. Completely different kid! Completely!!! Her legs no longer look like a cat attacked them (she was scratching horribly all day) and she no longer is pushing her pants up to her knees and ripping her socks off every time I put them back on. We knew she was sensitive to latex (band aids were bad news and so on) but I am concerned that it  could be worsening. I am really really hoping that maybe some compounding factors-- minor food fails, croup, cold weather, original latex sensitivity--- have just made it "flare" up and maybe when she bounces back to a normal baseline, we will see the effects die down. Once these factors are all reduced, we will reintro the original socks and see what happens. Hopefully, it won't create problems again.

So hopefully we will find ourselves with a pass by this time next week. What a great pass that would be!!! We are certainly due and it would be a wonderful Christmas present to all-- if the week goes good, I might break my tradition of only giving new food in the AM until she has had it for a good two weeks or more so that we can all eat the same dinner for Christmas-- fish, quinoa, and fruit (not super fancy but how great would that be!!!) And maybe some spinach cake biscuits. . . .As for the fish, I will be making a mango and pineapple "sauce/marinade" for added flavor. Keep posted for details. . .

I hope everyone's week is filled with happy babies/toddlers and good experiences with foods! Eat on and bake on!

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