Monday, December 6, 2010

And then there was croup

It is official-- ped said she thinks it is croup. Blah! We got a steroid in case another night goes south (last night got very very bad-- in the middle of the night she was gasping for air, couldn't breathe. . . ) but I am hoping we won't have to use it. We have some alternative remedies recommended by the doc so hopefully we can have success with just those! There is an ingredient in the steroid that B has had a minor reaction to before, so we will only use it as a last resort. I figure we can deal with a minor reaction if it means B can breathe more easily. It is a much quieter night so far, so perhaps the worst is well over.

So for now, rutabagas are at least "tabled" and we are keeping the spinach in her diet, even though it is just in tiny amounts. As soon as she is back to her baseline for a couple of days, we will trial white fish. It is a biggie but I am very very hopeful about this one! When she was tiny, tuna seemed like one of the safest things in my diet for her. I hope that white fish (haddock or cod) turns out to be safe too! Then she could have a full little meal!!!!!!! And maybe we will get brave before Christmas and do a quickie trial of cinnamon. . . just to add a little flavor. . .


  1. Hey!! I just blogged about Carter's experiences with "croup". It is so similar to what you just wrote!! I will call tomorrow :)


  2. Thanks so much! It was very helpful! Thankfully, B's seems to now (finally!!!) be on the way out! She turned a corner last night!