Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vitamins, Vomiting and Food Aversion. . . oh my!

That is what I am calling it--- being caused by food aversion more than a reaction. We are currently trialling the NanoVM multivitamin (though not really trialling-- supposed to be all safe ingredients for us since corn is ok).

Well, day one was last Monday and we mixed a half dose in with B's breakfast. Much gagging ensued after a couple of bites, and then complete refusal of her remaining breakfast. Day two, used good old trickery (All FPIES parents are masters of this-- you guys know what I mean!) to get a couple more bites in. And then began the vomiting. She threw up everything she had eaten already and then refused to eat anymore. Day three. Sigh. Desperate to not have B lose interest in food (a true concern at some points), I mixed it in with a sippy of water and tried giving it via syringe (this is how we get her to take the probiotic-- if we put it in her food, the gagging also results). She got about 1/2mL in before she was gagging and spitting it out. It is supposed to be unflavored and all of that, but it must have something strange about it. B is the syringe CHAMPION. She actually greets her AM Zantac with GLEE. Sigh. Took a couple of days off. Finally, I decided this. Something is better than nothing, right (another FPIES sentiment!)? So I am now mixing literally a dusting (I think it is about 1/10 of the scoop; the scoop is somewhere around 1 tsp- 1 1/2 tsp) into her quinoa flakes. She is still gagging, but since it is in a much smaller quantity, she just gags and doesn't work up to vomit.

So why post this? I know I needed to be reminded (and I am sure we all do at some point or another) that something IS better than nothing and B needs to be my guide rather than my little mental spreadsheet of food trial goals. The going may be long and drawn out, but hey, at least we are going SOMEWHERE. Here's to all of the little (teeny teeny teeny teeny) victories for our kiddos!

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