Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell, sweet rutabeggies. . . maybe

Well, she definitely has some kind of cold/virus-- at this point I am hoping it is NOT croup (sounds croupy). But EVERY (and yes, I mean every last stinkin' time) other time in her life that she has been sick it has been the week before a big reaction or immediately following major and minor reactions. Not to say that it definitely is this time, but we are suspicious. So no more rutabagas at least until this virus clears up and we aren't sure if we are just going to ditch them anyways and move ahead to white fish. This kid has got to get some more passes under her belt!! And we need some "big" foods and fish would definitely fit that bill. So we either try the tiny amount of rutabagas a couple more times and look for the same worsening patterns or we lay off the veggies for a bit in favor of fish, papaya, millet and peanut butter (!!!!). Then we will go back to veggies.

The good news is that the spinach reintro seems to be going well. She is still only getting very tiny amounts and on rotating days, but if she can tolerate this for now, maybe in a month or two she will tolerate more. I am really encouraged by her success with the little bits of spinach she has been getting. If it stays positive, then beet root will be our next veggie, as it is in the same family as spinach and quinoa. I already have little serving sizes cooked up and frozen in the freezer, just waiting for my girl to try them! I also extracted some GREAT dyes from boiling the beets-- golden beets and red beets-- that I am going to play around with this week. For those of you with dye sensitive kids, this may be worth looking into! Only for fun I know, but still--- safe dyes for sorbets and frostings! How fun, right?

Wish us luck getting into her ped tomorrow. I know B will be very happy if we can see her regular ped--- she lovingly calls her "Dr. Chocolate." I hate correcting her :).

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