Friday, December 3, 2010

Hoping for a Cold

Sitting here tonight and hoping that B is getting a cold. Strange I know, but you FPIES mamas will understand-- a cold is a better explanation that reflux building up to another reaction. She has had that dry refluxy cough today and yesterday and no other "cold" symptoms. . . but it still could be a cold! Nap was awful today-- tummy hard as a rock, she was screaming and saying "tummy-ACHE!" Finally fell asleep nursing two hours after I initially tried putting her down. She ate about 1/2oz of rutabaga in dumplings this AM (we have been doing our pseudo rotation diet). So we are now debating. . . what next? If we had a reliable veggie, I would be tempted to just pull it altogether, but we don't have one. We also reintroduced spinach this week but also in less than 1oz servings and baked into foods (we call it spinach cake and it is DELICIOUS. B thinks so as well!). The rutabaga seems to be causing the trouble but the spinach never seemed to be very friendly when we were trialling it this summer. It took well over an hour for her to get to sleep tonight-- lots of shrieking and discomfort. She is up again right now-- DH has her.

Not sure what to do next. . . I am hoping we all wake up in the AM with colds or something and I have an answer, a pleasant answer. I know the docs want us to push ahead but as DH said tonight, how many days and nights of this is too many? What is our limit? What is B's limit? Why should she have to keep dealing with this?

Part of me is hopeful that if we just push on, things will improve. But then how do we know that it won't end in a reaction until we are right in the middle of one?

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