Monday, October 11, 2010

Mini-trial. . .am I crazy?

     We are planning on starting B's green bean trial (yikes) on Saturday so that DH can be home for the first couple of days. B has reacted to EVERY common trigger we have tried orally and has reacted to most of the ones we patch tested for, except for dairy (allergist won't trial until 2.5 and in the hospital, so that is a ways off), chicken (I am too scared to try because her turkey patch was pretty miserable looking and in my vegetarian mind, poultry is poultry!), and green beans. I am a little nervous about these, but I am hoping that since she is a little older and we have been having relatively good food luck lately (aside from beef and pork), then maybe she will chow down and keep them down like a champ!

In light of this decision, we have decided to trial sorghum for only a few days-- starting tomorrow. Am I crazy? I hope not! B has done well with "alternative" pseudo grains in the past and I am hoping that this will make the trial an easy one. The millet tasted too much like the corn cakes that she still refuses so I thought I would try and work harder on finding a sneakier recipe for that one. I will post the sorghum recipes I use later in the week. A note that I have learned about sorghum thus far-- I have yet to find a recipe with sorghum as the only flour that freezes or refrigerates well. So far, it does not retain its texture. So I will report back if I find a recipe that proves otherwise! Wish us luck and here's hoping I haven't completely lost it! Haha. . .

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