Saturday, October 23, 2010

Determination has set in. . .

So back to the grind-- trying to work out some new challenges for food without throwing another fail in there for B. Coconut yogurt is our goal for this week (homemade with an allergen free starter, of course) but the first recipe was a bust, so I will try another tonight or tomorrow.

In another week or so, we will be back to food trials. After much mulling and much research (felt like I was playing food chess!!!), I have decided that rutabagas will be our next food of choice. They are supposed to cook up just like potatoes (lots of recipe possibilities here!) and they have a great nutritional profile ( They also don't seem to share any food families of foods that we have failed (which is never a guarantee, mind you. B has some safe foods that are in the same family as some food fails-- we are just trying to tread a little more carefully right now) and are cheap and easy to find. Excellent! I already have a few recipes in mind to try--- rutabaga pancakes, rutabaga fries, some interesting variation on an eastern european dish, rutabaga gnocchi, a little pot pie. . . and the list goes on. I have also read on many baby food sites that these are an excellent choice for baby foods to intro between 8-10 months of age, so they should be fairly mild. If anyone is interested in joining me in my quest, I will be posting preparation and selection tips as well as recipes (and pics!).

I will update on the yogurt if we get results and stay tuned for rutabagas!!!


  1. Hi!! Just wanted to share our coconut yogurt experience. I made one in a crockpot using a premade coconut milk yogurt as a starter. I used tapioca startch to thicken it up at the end. It worked reall well, but it took 24 hours in the fridge before it really set up. The recipe I have says you can use a yogurt starter too! Just thought I'd share!! Good luck with it!!

  2. Thanks! Yes we are using a hypoallergenic starter since the stuff in the store has rice in it (blargh!) Good to know that it worked for you!!!:)