Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 10 companies I have contacted about products

Let me start with a little disclaimer--- I am not speaking on behalf of any of these lovely companies nor can I guarantee that their products will be safe for your LO (I typically call companies after B has reacted to the product so that I can sort out what she may have reacted to). I simply want to pass along these names so that you might feel more comfortable speaking with these people in regards to finding safe foods for your little ones.

So here is the first five of B's top 10 companies that I have contacted about food allergies and that have met the following criteria:
a) polite and punctual in follow up
b) honest and open, did not try to hide needed information
c) informed and resourceful (if they didn't know an answer, they made sure that they transferred me to someone who did. And then they still followed up!)

1. Earth's Balance: This one was by far the quickest and most informative. I called on a Friday AM because B was reacting to one of their products and all of the ingredients were safe for her. I spoke with the first lady for a few minutes, who took down my information, was sincere about B being sick, and who provided me some helpful starter info, such as what some of the ingredients were derived from. Once we determined all of those derivatives were safe for B, she forwarded my info to the food scientists for further investigation. She called me back two other times that day and by 5pm on that Friday, had gotten answers from the food scientists and helped us narrow down the culprit! A+ to this marvelous lady!

2. Little Duck Organics: Not only is this a fabulous product for snacking and for baking, not only is the packaging adorable, but their customer service is phenomenal. Contacted via email, I received replies quickly, late at night and on a weekend. They were sincere and very thorough in explaining the entire processing process of their fruit. They followed up to see how B was feeling. :)

3. Mini Pops: These are tiny little popcorn things made from sorghum. B gets the petite plain kind. I called the company and left a message with questions about their processing and packaging. In less than a few hours, I received a response call. This gentleman was so informative and gave me so much detail about the processing and packing procedures, I felt like I had taken a tour of the factory! He never rushed me, answered all of my questions, and was very pleasant and thorough.

4. Allegra:  I called these guys before doing an Allegra trial with B. The same person I spoke with on the first call followed up with me for several weeks, answering my questions after doing significant research with various departments. He was very helpful, very sincere, and very detailed. After B's reaction, he followed up for additional information. I felt like I was his only customer service assignment!

5. Nutrica: When B started seeming to react to the Splash (after weeks of journaling, it was the only thing that matched her vomiting). I called the friendly nutrition specialists over at Nutrica. This gentleman was extremely helpful in going through B's list of allergens, he knew what FPIES was, and he did not have a "black and white" attitude about food allergies. He acknowledged that each child was indeed different and that yes, my B could be in fact reacting to the Splash. He didn't stop there-- he helped me figure out what component of it that she was most likely reacting to. And it seems like he was exactly right! We reduced the Splash and poof! There went the vomiting.

Ok, off to bed but will post the next five soon!


  1. Another great company that I too felt like I had toured the factory was Big River Grains where I get Sam safe millet flour for Sam but they also have sorghum, quinoa and flax.

  2. Thanks Joy!!! Keep the recommendations coming! I will have another list out in a few days but would love to hear more from the rest of you guys-- what do you use and who has been safe and reputable?