Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FPIES as a Garden-- Hedging our Bets

The garden is arranged with neat little rows. . . three varieties of beets (peppermint ones, golden ones, and detroit dark red-- had to represent my heritage, yes?!), baby spinach, and broccoli. And then, two more veggies. But we only have three safe ones!!! And so, I am hedging my bets.

I planted cauliflower on one far end and tomatoes on the other far end of the garden-- all of her safe foods are clustered together but the unknowns are on the outskirts. I didn't even plant any known UNSAFE foods--- want this to be as clear cut as possible. A definite fail or a definite pass.

I think cauliflower is a good bet-- broccoli is a big favorite of B's and I would let her eat more if her body didn't freak out every time she ate more than a taste of a veggie! And cauliflower is similar to broccoli, right?!
With beets, spinach and broccoli, she only gets 2, 1oz servings of each, each week. SO a veggie a day with a day of veggie rest in between. :) We still have to be careful with preparation and they all have to be twice cooked. . . but I figure if she has more safe veggies, even if they are all conditional foods so to speak, we could give her little bits of each a couple of times each week and fill in a few more holes diet-wise.

Tomatoes are a mama-gut bet--- I have a good feeling, nothing more and nothing less. And they are different. Maybe different enough to be safe? I am hoping!

So later this week when I surround my garden with happy little marigolds (to act as a pest barrier) and a happy little fence (bunny prevention!!!), I hope that we are hedging our bets as carefully and as effectively as we are hedging our garden.

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