Monday, March 14, 2011


Alright everyone-- I have been a complete and total blogging slacker! It was B's birthday and I finessed my hippo cake (!!!). Was so proud! I used the valentine's day cupcake recipe BUT instead of using just millet, I used half millet and half sorghum for the base cake flour. Came out beautifully and VERY cake like-- think pound cake. I will post pics soon!

Also, new recipes will be on the horizon but this week I get to host a fabulous FPES mama and her darling LO as we take a jaunt to Jersey for an appointment at the Pediatric Center of Rare and Complex Disease. I am hoping this consult brings us some answers and direction in further improving our everyday life with the beast we know as FPIES. We will be having some tests done to determine her potential reactivity to dairy/whey/casein and if she shows no reactivity, we will be pursuing a (gasp!) dairy trial toward the end of April or beginning of May! Maybe there will be an actual safe common FPIES trigger for us. . .

Keep posted, keep baking and help keep hope alive! Don't forget to support the FPIES United family Fund!

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