Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sesame and Support

Hi all! Time for another new recipe and some new information in the FPIES community (always good things right?!) First for the information, since it is short and sweet (not unlike the recipe to follow. . .)

The FPIES Foundation (of which I am proud to say that I am on its Board of Directors) has introduced a phenomenal new support forum. I really feel like it has combined the best qualities of the various FPIES forums out there and is really designed with FPIES parents in mind (i.e. you can navigate it quickly and without agonizing over where to find something, all while fielding hurtling toys from your small child who may or may not be reacting to a new food. . .). There are separate categories and delineated topics in each, you can add tags to your post for easier searching, and the relevant topics are all there. Plus, the parents are on there too-- it is definitely not a ghost town! Go ahead-- check it out! Go to The FPIES Foundation, scroll down and click on the  green words "support forum" on the lower right hand corner. I'll see you there-- and yes, I will post updates for new recipes on this forum!!

And for the recipe. . ..

We are half-heartedly trialing sesame at the time, though we took several days off last week due to some noticeable but not awful symptoms. Things have calmed down and we are ready to step up to the plate again. So for tomorrow, we have sesame milk on the roster!

NOTE: I told B that the cast of Sesame Street eats sesame and I love 80s movies. . .this is where our title comes from. ENJOY!

St. Elmo's Milk
4 cups HOT water
1 cup sesame seeds, raw or roasted
3 Tbsp honey or coconut nectar (or other sweetener of choice)
3 Tbsp vanilla extract (or other extract of choice)

In a blender, add sesame seeds, hot water, honey and vanilla. Cover with lid and mix at your blender's highest speed for about 2-4 minutes. Mixture should be foamy and frothy. Run through your favorite nut/seed milk bag or through cheesecloth to remove "pulp" if desired (if you don't strain it, the milk has the consistency of pulpy orange juice). I found this great link to nylon bags that are made with super fine hemp mesh-- called Sprout Bags. These look wonderful for this recipe! Refrigerate once strained. This should keep for about a week in the fridge.

As for soaking the seeds prior to making milk, I will be trying that tomorrow and comparing the two. I will post the results!

If you are using this recipe for making sorbet/ice cream or for baking with the sesame milk, it probably won't be worth your time to strain. But if you are making it for drinking, straining might be helpful, depending on your small one's palate.

Keep posted for more sesame recipes, including one for chocolate chewy sesame granola bars (made them last week! B loved them!) And see you on the forum!!!

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