Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone Needs a Toolbox!

Watching B "fix" the TV today with her toy screwdriver (we couldn't find the remote and my small determined person was sure she could make it work!!!), reminded me to tell all of you to visit The FPIES Foundation and its amazing Toolbox. There, you will find some tools to get you started on food journaling, drafting an emergency plan (never fun, but certainly necessary), talking with your child's doctor about FPIES, and more!

Be sure to check out the other resources that the FPIES Foundation site has to offer, such as the support forum (link on the main page) and the list of medical journal articles about FPIES.

We all know, as parents of kiddos with food allergies, that being prepared is really the best way to navigate this often unpredictable "beast," as it were. So gather up some tools, perfect the old ones, or email The FPIES Foundation with suggestions for more tools to add to the toolbox!

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