Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A very small but exciting (for us!) victory!!!

B was able to eat raw banana today! She has been eating cooked banana for months (7!!!!) but as of a few months ago, still would not touch raw banana. A couple times when she first started with bananas she did have some raw and it gave her diarrhea, but every other time after that, she would spit it right out and never truly ingest it. SO tonight when I was making her cooked banana for dinner, I cut off a little 1/4inch thick slice and then cut that into four little pieces and put it in her little snack bowl. She gobbled it right up!!!!!! How exciting! No issue so far! I still think we are going to cook the bananas for the most part, but maybe start giving her a few pieces of raw banana in the AM with her breakfast. Maybe we are moving forward with our textures and starting to move away from purees!!!!!!!!!

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  1. yay!!
    Kyle had the same texture issues. It was Bad. Now he is just shoveling food into his mouth. It does get better. :)