Monday, May 3, 2010

Tom Petty was Right

The waiting is indeed the hardest part. We are currently on the fence regarding quinoa, with only one full week in our trial remaining. However, we are now within the window of days when her delayed severe reactions occur, so a little anxious over here!

She has been showing extremely subtle symptoms of a possible approaching reaction but not really enough to make us stop and not enough to make us so sure of her success with quinoa. She is definitely not teething right now and her reflux has mildly flared up and been slightly worsening since day 1 of the trial (hiccups, some spit up here and there, one extreme spit up/vomiting episode 7 hrs after ingestion). The other thing I am curious about is that she has been catching every and any bug that comes anywhere near her. She is now only fighting a cold and the end of an eye infection, but I am wondering if this should be a warning sign-- as I look back on past reactions, we were always in the pediatrician's office the week preceding the reactions for either a cold or the flu or something of the like. When DD is eating only safe foods, we have yet to experience this. Not to say that it couldn't be just coincidence; I mean, really, kids get sick. It happens. And sometimes a few things at once. But it is just something we are questioning right now. So funny how this makes you question EVERYTHING!!! She has also had some green and mucousy diapers this week BUT she was on a generic form of Zyrtec for her cold and I think the flavoring in that caused the diapers (she has been on it once before and we had the same problem). So we stopped the Zyrtec generic a couple days ago and are waiting for change. Her nights have also been rough and her mood has definitely been crashing down the colic-y path but again, she has been feeling under the weather. And I know-- I ramble on and am probably thinking way too hard about this, but we haven't passed ANYTHING in almost 6 months and while I am so hopeful she will pass something, I am so scared of her having a severe fail and then having the weight loss and growth set backs all over again. This is our last food trial until we are settled back in the states, since we still have her 12 month shots to do (delayed because of avocado reaction) and I want them done at least a month prior to our flight. Ugh. I hope this week goes by smoothly and she starts to improve with this food and not move towards a severe reaction.


  1. I remember our doctor at Hopkins saying something along the lines of when they are having a reaction their immune system is compromised so they are prone to catch colds. So you are not overthinking it but a very observant momma!

  2. Thanks! You made me feel just a little less crazy! :) I am so hoping that I am over-thinking though! I really want this to work!!!!