Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting ready to move! I will miss Japan!

The time is coming soon! Less than two months before we move back to the states! SO sad to leave this beautiful country but so glad for the chance for B to actually see a specialist and hopefully get some FPIES answers! My DH is looking at jobs and for the ones that seem promising, I am checking out area hospitals and doctors for B. Well, I came across the Children's Hospital in Boston and they have an EGID program there that I think B could be seen in. We still have to rule out EE and some others (per B's ped-- he also feels like she really needs a scope. Yikes!) so I figure an EGID clinic would be an awesome start. So if this job in MA works out, we may have a place to take B! I am hoping to hear back from them soon-- I called last night (their AM)-- so I will post any info I find out. Anyone living in the Boston area dealing with FPIES or any forms of EGID might want to look into this.

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