Monday, May 24, 2010

10 months later. . .

B is almost 15 months old now (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and she is now finally on medication for her reflux. Her symptoms began when she was between 3-6 weeks old and the doc finally agreed that she had reflux when she was 5 months old. Now, they are concerned because her reflux has come back (improved around 11 months old, aside from when it would flare up with food reactions) and we aren't exactly sure WHY. The ped and DH and I all think it is secondary to something else-- teething, food, full moon (haha)--- but now the ped (and DH and I, though this has always been a concern for us) is concerned that she is going to have esophageal damage from the acid coming up so often. So we got Zantac. We are only a little less than a week in and BOY what a difference! She still has some reflux symptoms, but my B who I thought would NEVER sleep through the night before her 15th birthday is now only up ONCE in the night for the last couple of nights. And she isn't constantly coughing in her sleep now, or hiccuping and wet burping when I go to pick her up. Her hiccups during the day are all but gone now as well. And best of all-- she is so much happier and has a better frustration tolerance!!! I am so happy, especially since we are still at a lower dose. I hope this sticks!!!! How exciting if this solves our problem! I still can't help but wonder WHAT is making her reflux flare up again, but hopefully whatever it is will be something fairly innocuous.

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