Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The TFF Alternative Cookie Swap!

Have you ever tried those "cookie swap" holiday parties? Everyone makes a few batches of their specialty cookies, brings them to the party, and all leave with an assortment?

Well, since that would surely be a land mine for most of our kids, The FPIES Foundation support group page started our own brand of "cookie swap."

 A thread for parents to post their stand-by holiday recipes safe for their FPIES and/or FA kiddos. There are food recipes and non-food recipes--- ideas for craft activities appropriate for small children and family fun events to ring in the holidays! Please check out the thread for some great recipe ideas and ideas for celebrating the holidays without the worry of food. And also--- post your own recipes or craft/family fun ideas as well! The more resources we all share, the easier the holidays will be for everyone. And really, not only do we parents advocate for our own children, but I know we all love being able to help advocate for the small ones of other parents. Let's make it a fun and safe holiday for all! Go to the link now! :)

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