Monday, January 28, 2013

Apricots, Sea Turtles and Getting Schooled

Wow, its been forever. I now remember why I didn't start my blog until B was around a year old--- babies are super awesome but allow absolutely no time for blogging! ;) That's ok-- I love all of you dearly, but seriously, B and sunshine-y Baby C happily take center stage in my heart and daily schedule.

So what's new? Baby C has been standing and cruising a few steps since just before turning 8 months old (we are in so much trouble, haha) and is a sweet little dream. She is a stinker, however, just like her big sis. I wouldn't have it any other way. She does nap more than B ever did, but naps still only amount to roughly one, one hour nap every 2-3 days. My kids never got that memo about how small ones are meant to nap. . . I think she is simply far too interested in what B is up to--- she completely adores her big sis and the feeling is about 85% mutual. B is enjoying our first few rounds of home school and I am slowly taking in the learning curve that teaching your own kiddos requires. I think this is going to be a great way for her to get a start on structured schooling and she is certainly excited about the plans we have for the weeks ahead. We are taking it slowly-- she is a pint-size one after all. The trickiest part so far for mama seems to be keeping Baby C occupied and feeling included while school is in session. Hopefully, we will all adjust soon!

With B's birthday coming up in the next few months, that is a hot topic around here. Her second birthday cake was a pink hippo, last year was a frog and this year, she wants a sea turtle cake. And she will have a sea turtle! I even got a little chocolate fish mold to make little fish for decorating the cake platter! I will also be making mini cupcakes with frosting-formed anemones on top. I know-- its crazy. But birthday cakes make all of the hard recipe creation work really pay off. And this cake will be epic-- she is turning four, after all!

FPIES/allergies-wise, we are still in a bit of a tricky spot. But we are trying! After eggs (mega classic FPIES fail), salmon and starfruit being all a bust for B, we are moving on to cauliflower this week and hopefully apricots next week (they were an awesome deal at trader joes-- I couldn't pass them up!). Trials are tricky for B because we see a lot of random reactions between accidental exposures (she is pretty contact sensitive) and unexplained instances. But because of the lack of formula and because her diet is still a bit limited in certain areas in particular, we have to keep going with trials for now. The good news is that she is currently INTERESTED in trials, so that helps to keep momentum up.

For C, we are still striking out but we are going pretty slowly, so hopefully it is just a matter of time before she gets her first safe food. Currently, buckwheat looks promising, but I can't get her to eat more than a teaspoon-- she is fairly repulsed by it, hahaha. I think she will be venturing into the land of apricots next week as well and perhaps if those can pass (or if apples pass, since those are up next) I can bake with buckwheat flour for her or at least mix the fruit with the cream of buckwheat for a bit of a tastier experience. I also have those mesh food feeders-- maybe baby popsicles are in her future?

C is being looked at for an FPIES diagnosis and we are keeping some IgE considerations on the radar due to her reactions through my milk and a few suspected airborne instances, as well as multiple contact reactions. It is a lot to consider and my nursing diet still is extremely restricted, but that said, I feel like getting a handle on my diet early on in the game has helped her. She is almost 20lbs, is meeting her milestones and is just so happy a large amount of the time. I would fortify air and give up all food if I could still nurse her and keep her moving on this path! ;)

Its so funny that even though this is the second time around, we still have a lot of periods of uncertainty and struggle with the emotional side of things.We know what to expect, sure, but it still hits just as hard when I see her react, etc. And I am still hoping for a few foods before her first birthday. In my heart, I know it is ok to go at her pace, and that this is not about hitting everyone else's "norms," but allowing things to happen at the right times for HER "norms." In fact, I am already starting to plan the birthday items. I found this adorable birthday cake toy-- it is perfect size and the little items in it are just the right size for little hands. Plus, the price wasn't too shabby! I also got some great inspiration from the mamas I know who have navigated the food-free festivities before on here and here. Either way, it will be a great day and she will be surrounded by everyone who loves her and who she loves. Doesn't stop me from plugging for apricot sorbet however. . .

Be sure to check the next post(s) for our favorite homeschool resources and a few tips and tricks we have learned so far (we are still newbies!). I will do my best to keep you guys apprised of updates!

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