Friday, February 1, 2013

Non-Food Preschool Craft Recipe: Fingerpaint!

Art supplies can drive us crazy, especially the non-toxic food based ones! I can't tell you how frustrated I get by the wheat and soy exposures in various children's art supplies. Since I try to minimize frustration, I just make my own. Mine are prettier anyways. . .

This fingerpaint recipe is not my own but it is the best I have tried thus far. It really turns out beautifully and is super easy to make. Just go to this marvelous woman's blog here! The blog title says it all!

A quick note on ingredients! Not everyone is ok with corn starch! But that's ok! There are other starches! The key to remember when subbing another starch in for corn starch is that not all starches share the same degree of heat tolerance. Corn starch is a very stable starch but arrowroot for instance, is very finicky about heating and breaking down when over heated. If using an alternative starch, you may want to heat at a lower temperature and watch it like a hawk. Once it acheives a slightly thicker consistency and is steaming, take it off of the burner and continue to stir consistently until it becomes as thick as a thinner pudding. It will thicken further upon standing.

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