Friday, July 1, 2011

Today She Asked for a Snack

Last Friday. . .

My B stopped me in my tracks today, asking for a snack. "I'm hungry, mama." This may not seem all that mind-blowing to some, but you have to understand, B has not ASKED to eat (other than asking to nurse when she gets a boo-boo--- I vote that doesn't count! hehe) in I don't know how long. When we had the scope done and the nurses were explaining the prep to me over the phone, they were saying how miserable B would be from being hungry due to fasting. I laughed to myself-- this kid would go for days without eating if she had it her way. A little over a week ago, we stopped the Zantac. Last Wednesday night, she ate more for dinner than she will typically eat total from every dinner in a week. Her typical amount for the week, eaten in one meal (which was a slightly larger than normal toddler meal, but a lot for her). And she still had room for ice cream! But here is the kicker-- normally, we have to practically beg her to even accept the spoon that we are offering, forget her trying to feed herself, though she knows how. But Wednesday and every meal since, she has been feeding herself, without a need for more than a couple of prompts during the meal.

So it could be a growth spurt, it could be something else. But I think if we are seeing this still in a week from now, it was the Zantac. I am pleasantly surprised. I knew the Zantac wasn't really doing much for her but I also knew she wasn't reacting to it, so we continued with it, hoping that it would lessen her reactions. But now that I see my girl without it, I am sincerely blown away. I never thought I would see B want to eat, to be interested in eating, to ENJOY her meal.

Today. . . .
So fast forward to today. She's not pigging out, but her eating is still much much better than it has been in months. Beans were a fail and we saw a decline in her appetite with that, but it is picking up steam again. I have nothing more to say other than I am so happy that even though, yes, she still has her picky toddler moments, food is once more interesting. And maybe there will be some positive new recipe results come soon!

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