Friday, June 24, 2011

Quickie Recipe Modification for Pancakes!

Just a quick one today! We are currently moving through a trial of white beans (eek!) and on day one, B did not like them, and they really didn't care too much for her either. So for today, day two, what did I do? Yep, I made beans into a baked good, well, a pancake. And I promise you, it wasn't gross and you could not taste the beans. And how I did it is embarassingly easy.

Step 1: Take the recipe for Happy Heart Pancakes

Step 2: Mix everything according to the recipe. Before adding in the milk and coconut oil, add in 2/3-3/4cup mashed white beans (cook them for awhile before mashing of course-- should be refried beans consistency). Blend well with your trusty pastry blender, or a sturdy fork. Once blended, add in milk and coconut oil as called for in recipe. Toss in one extra tablespoon of brown sugar/coconut sugar for good measure and mix well.

Step 3: Make pancakes in your skillet

Step 4: Eat the pancakes in amazement, as you cannot taste the beans and the pancakes are incredibly light and fluffy. Affirm that you are, indeed, a fabulous cook and pat yourself on the back. Maybe reward yourself with a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips. . .

That's it! It will add an extra protein punch to this breakfast treat and no one-- adult or small person-- will be the wiser! happy cooking and happy trickery!


  1. love this recipe - when i'm absolutely sure that my son has outgrown his soy (& it seems he reacts to BEANS - arghhhh because everytime I eat them he is very congested & mucousy) intolerance/allergy, i will make these for the whole family! What a great way to add protein for breakfast. Will send this link to other mom's of allergic babies, looking for a breakfast food.

    also, thank you for updating me on the scope. THANK GOODNESS your daughter had no visible damage - you can congrat yourself on that. You have been vigilant enough that you've limited her reactions, etc. It is wonderful how you are finding ways around this prob and helping others too! thank you!

  2. Glad to help! Yes, we like to pack as much punch in our recipes as possible around here! Trickery is good if it means better nutrition! And thanks so much for the compliment-- it means a lot! And I was thinking. . . if you are still looking for on the go snacks, what about the quinoa granola recipe? You can make it in crumbles big enough for finger food and the quinoa dissolves nicely in their mouths (not to crunchy for B when she was around 18 months.

    SO amazing if he is outgrowing his soy trigger! Wow-- that would be incredible! We are still plugging along with the beans-- soup recipe will post soon! Even if it ends up going further south, at least we will get some recipes out of this trial!

  3. well - so far he has not outgrown his soy allergy/intolerance. However, he can tolerate a little soy oil. i.e. he doesn't react as badly to things w/soy oil in them as before, but forget anything more than an occasional amt of soy oil ad it seems to build up & then he gets very refluxy, etc. THank you for the recipe!

    He's also the same way w/beans, coconut, strawberry, etc,. etc. Sigh. It is hard to feed these kids!

    Looking forward to your soup recipe.